Herring Films, a subsidiary of Herring Media Productions, began its genesis when I was a girl looking out of my thirteenth floor bedroom window on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called by those who live there the Lower, LES, Loisaida or even the sixth borough. I would gaze at the J train passing over the Williamsburg Bridge wondering about its contents. Who were the people? Where were they going? What were their stories?

As a result, I studied filmmaking for four years at the famed Purchase College Conservatory, Film School. During this time, I produced, directed and edited a number of short films shot on, yes, 16mm film (pre-digital) that included The Color of Pain, I am Me & You Two, Alone, Straight Till Mourning just to name a few. Through this intensive, hands-on, artistic experience I learned that this girl turned woman from LES had a distinctive & multifaceted voice much like the place she grew up. I learned that just because I start out with a certain vision in mind, film/art is a process, and what will ultimately turn into a film (if you listen) is a collaborative effort, but also one that needs to be seen, heard and made. It’s similar to how sculptors look at a raw piece of stone. They stare at it, and it speaks to them. If they listen first, then chisel, they will eventually have what was intended, an exquisite work of art.

I later went on to graduate school to acquire my MBA in Media Management then I spent the next fifteen plus years in Marketing, PR, Community Outreach, Production at various corporations and non-profits. This certainly was not the world that I first intended entering, but an excellent training ground for the business of media.

The final gestation of Herring Films started as a collaboration with a fellow alumni of Purchase, Kristen Graney of Kristen Lauren Productions. Our joint effort was under a playful name B&SDI (Bored and Slightly Drunk Insomniacs). We created Stranger, a short film (HD) with in 48 hours for fun. It ended up winning the Audience Award.


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